Patient Relationship Management

Acquire, refer and manage patients throughout your care delivery ecosystem

EcoSoft Health provides Patient Relationship Management tools to help you grow revenue, improve patient satisfaction and become more competitive. It’s a unified CRM-based system and database capable of dramatically increasing your reach and connection with your patients. As the figures below show, patients are looking for you online, they are worth your time and effort to service, and an investment in patient acquisition will yield significant returns.

patient relationship management

Your relationship with your patients begins even before they become your patients. Today, many patients use on-line sources to locate a healthcare provider, so the first contact a patient has with you might be through your website. Our solution creates a digital path for your new patients to connect with the right specialists and practices in your care delivery ecosystem. We seamlessly manage and direct both website and inbound phone inquiries to help insure that you handle each patient inquiry the best way possible to improve service, raise patient satisfaction and increase revenue.

A key component of our solution is our proprietary Digital Care Pathways™ technology which automates workflows, notifications, screening and patient referral routing. It insures that your patient interactions are smooth and productive.

Patient Acquisition

Patient Recruitment

These providers use our software every day

Patient Acquisition and Recruitment

Accelerate, automate and improve the acquisition and recruitment of patients interested in your service offerings.

Inbound Marketing

Enable patients to engage with you via your website. Connect them with your practices and specialists.


Automate the preliminary screening and evaluation of new patients.

Referral Management

Direct and track patient inquiries to the right practice, specialist and care site in your delivery ecosystem.

Outbound Marketing

Initiate outbound digital marketing campaigns to your patient population

Call Center

Enter, refer and track in-bound patient calls and inquiries.


Use automated workflows to confirm inquiries and track follow-up to insure timely responses. Analyze KPIs and other critical metrics through performance dashboards.

Post-Care Solution

Digital patient engagement offers the ability to cost effectively enhance care, improve outcomes and elevate the level of health across your entire patient population.

Care Transition Follow-up

Initiate care and condition specific pathways to inform, educate and monitor each patient in the language they speak..

Care Team Intervention Alerts

Our solution monitors patient recovery and alerts your care team when it identifies patients in need of acute or immediate follow-up care.

Audit and Compliance

Providers gain better access to data and Care Quality Metrics that can aid in penalty avoidance.


Improve patient satisfaction by utilizing our survey solution to identify problem areas early.


Targeted assessment protocols determine patient status and recovery progress following procedures or care transitions.

Care Pathways

Digital Care Pathways™ configured to deliver wellness content, surveys, health status assessments and good-behavior reminders. Alerts to wellness coaches.

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