Patient Relationship Management

Manage patients throughout your care delivery ecosystem

EcoSoft Health provides cloud-based Patient Relationship Management software to help you reduce readmissions, improve outcomes and become more efficient. It can be operated either stand-alone or integrated with your EHR/EMR system. Our workflow engine and post-discharge assessment system automate and schedule patient follow-up.

Post-Care Solution

Our patient engagement platform offers the ability to cost effectively enhance care, reduce readmissions, improve outcomes and elevate the level of health across your entire patient population.

EcoSoft Health contains post-discharge check-ups for the top CMS-tracked discharge types and chronic conditions. Workflows, automatically assigned to a patient upon discharge, schedule periodic check-ups. Check-up responses are immediately evaluated by our assessment system. If the assessment reveals an acute care need, the system sends an alert notification to appropriate care team members that can allow them to avert an unnecessary hospital readmission.

Patient Acquisition and Recruitment

Accelerate, automate and improve the acquisition and recruitment of patients interested in your service offerings.

Patient Acquisition

Patient Recruitment

Inbound Marketing

Enable patients to engage with you via your website. Connect them with your practices and specialists.


Automate the preliminary screening and evaluation of new patients.

Referral Management

Direct and track patient inquiries to the right practice, specialist and care site in your delivery ecosystem.

Outbound Marketing

Initiate outbound digital marketing campaigns to your patient population

Call Center

Enter, refer and track in-bound patient calls and inquiries.


Use automated workflows to confirm inquiries and track follow-up to insure timely responses. Analyze KPIs and other critical metrics through performance dashboards.
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