Age-In-Place Software

Age-In-Place Solution Helps Seniors and Family Caregivers Improve Their Quality of Life and Maintain Current Living Arrangements As Long As Possible

The EcoSoft Health Age-in-Place solution supplements the caregiver’s direct expenditure of time and effort and at the same time helps improve the quality of life for their senior loved one with an inexpensive, automated system to regularly check-in, remind, and assess. The solution uses standardized assessments delivered via email, on-site or by phone. Assessment responses are automatically analyzed to identify issues and send alerts. Dashboards track issues to resolution and show trends over time.

Designed to Augment a Payer, Provider or Association's Senior Population Age-In-Place Initiatives

This inexpensive, brandable and highly scalable solution is specifically designed to complement existing strategies. Can be combined with existing content and coupled with chronic condition management programs to create a holistic senior population health program.

Caregiver’s Role: Communicate, Identify Potential Issues and Escalate

An essential part of a caregiver’s role is to monitor the senior’s quality of life and health status. When either is compromised, the caregiver rectifies the issue or seeks other needed support. Monitoring requires some form of communication: visits, phone calls or emails. Consistent and frequent communication is a prerequisite to achieving an adequate level of care but achieving that can be difficult.

Age in place software

With the EcoSoft Health Age-In-Place solution you get:

  • Increased contact with your senior loved one: Frequent and regular contact using automated email.
  • Automated communications: Emails can contain reminders and assessments.
  • Early detection of quality of life issues: Technology evaluates responses and detects social, environmental, mental and physical health factors impacting quality of life.
  • Collaboration and sharing: Increased communications with the entire support network.
  • Reduced effort: Technology augments caregiver efforts to help check up on the senior.

How It Works

Our HIPAA- and ePHI-compliant service features workflow and notification engines to evaluate and score assessment responses and can support senior populations in their preferred language.

Reminders, Check-ins, Health Status Assessments and Targeted Education

The service communicates directly with a senior through email. Some communications remind the senior to exercise or take medication. Some provide educational material appropriate to the senior. Others include a clickable web link leading to a PIN-protected web page that prompts the senior with questions to assess how they are faring. Assessments range from a simple check-in, asking just 3 or 4 questions, to more detailed ones that may ask 15 or 16 questions.

Questions cover social, environmental and behavioral conditions. Questions for seniors with a chronic condition score how well they are managing their specific condition. They detect early indications of risks to health or quality of life. Dashboards provide the caregiver and other members of the care team with access to the senior’s individual details, including responses to specific questions and trends in responses over time.

Alerts and Escalations

Integral to the service is the alert notification feature. Alerts are meant to bring attention to issues that the caregiver may not be aware of. They act as an “early warning system” extending and enhancing the caregiver’s coverage. This alert feature is activated when a senior’s response to a question is cause for concern. Failure to respond also triggers an alert. Alert notifications are sent to the caregiver and other members of the support network identified by the caregiver’s service selections.

Collaboration, Sharing and Dashboards

The caregiver and others invited to use the system can log in to the system to obtain access to detailed system reports. Dashboards provide access to reports of the senior’s use of the system—when and how often the senior responds to emails, views educational content, and completes assessments. Individual responses can be viewed as well as trends in responses over time.

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