Payer Wellness Program Software Now Available

EcoSoft Health Now Available for Payer-Sponsored Wellness Programs for Chronic Disease Management

WANTAGH, NY, February 23, 2016 – EcoSoft Health announces the immediate availability of its Digital Care Pathways™ technology for use by healthcare payer organizations. This chronic disease management offering can assist payers in reducing claims by actively managing and preventing chronic disease in their subscriber networks.

The offering leverages the EcoSoft Health CRM-based software platform to implement population health strategies with active patient engagement. It provides a cohesive on-going program delivering educational wellness content, surveys, and good-behavior reminders. Active health assessments in the program can automatically generate health coaching alerts when detrimental health behavior is detected in a subscribed program member.

The new EcoSoft Health payer solution can be used as the backbone technology for a payer’s wellness rewards program. It is designed to be integrated with the payer’s internal systems. Programs are configured to encourage subscribing members to take an active role in their health status. Results are monitored and tracked. Live real-time dashboards reflect subscriber engagement activities for each chronic disease pathway and can be used by coaching and call center staff to further enhance the subscriber engagement process.

"Our Chronic Disease Management Pathways represent a big win for both payers and patients,” says Jay Fruin, founder and CEO of EcoSoft Health. “Until now, healthcare payers have been limited in their ability to impact population health. By making our active patient engagement platform available to payers, we are empowering them to dramatically affect the health of millions of patients in their coverage network with chronic diseases. The only successful strategy for population health is to actively engage patients in their healthcare. Simply expecting them to visit a website to view wellness content is ineffective.”

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About EcoSoft Health

EcoSoft Health offers a unique software platform that gives healthcare providers the flexibility to deploy customized patient engagement strategies in a variety of care settings. EcoSoft Health can readily deliver solutions for multi-channel marketing campaigns, population health education, care status monitoring and patient satisfaction surveys. Designed to integrate with in-house systems, the platform is a cost-efficient and minimally disruptive addition to a provider's technology portfolio.