Care Transition Management Software Now Available

EcoSoft Health Launches Its Care Transition Management Software Solution

WANTAGH, NY, January 28, 2016 – EcoSoft Health announces the availability of its Care Transition Management software solution. The solution helps providers improve care transition results and scale-up patient communication by providing Care Managers with the tools they need to coordinate and to track and actively manage patient progress after transitions of care. With EcoSoft Health software tools, the care team can proactively engage in the patient recovery process. Active engagement results in improved care quality and patient satisfaction as well as reducing post-discharge complications that can result in readmission. Accountable Care Organizations now have a tool for adapting to new reimbursement models.

The Care Transition Management solution makes use of the EcoSoft Health proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) collaboration platform to automate workflows and notifications. The solution’s dashboards, reporting, active at-risk patient identification and notifications support efficient care team coordination across the entire delivery system.

"I'm very excited that our customers have provided great feedback and identified new use cases for our technology," says Jay Fruin, Founder and CEO of EcoSoft Health. "The Care Transition Management solution utilizes our Digital Care Pathway® technology to provide a seamless feedback loop that includes patient, care team and provider system. This new offering includes enhancements to our core solution set that enable us to support additional use cases and broaden the scope of EcoSoft Health. Delivery system reform and transformation require powerful enabling technologies like this and the release of this product promotes our goal of being the most powerful patient-centric technology platform available.”

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Benefits Of The Solution

  • Enable care team cross-boundary coordination and collaboration through sharing of care plans, discharge plans and other information
  • Better manage care transitions and increase patient adherence to physician and medication instructions by automated reminders/notifications
  • Promote management of chronic conditions through delivery of condition-specific evidence-based care guidelines
  • Scale care management for population health improvements with cost-effective delivery methods that allow care teams to focus their efforts and provide timely and appropriate interventions
  • Automate delivery and collection of evidence-based assessments that auto-generate care team alerts when critical intervention or mitigation is indicated
  • Accelerate caregiver access to data

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About EcoSoft Health

EcoSoft Health offers a unique software platform that gives healthcare providers the flexibility to deploy customized patient engagement strategies in a variety of care settings. EcoSoft Health can readily deliver solutions for multi-channel marketing campaigns, population health education, care status monitoring and patient satisfaction surveys. Designed to integrate with in-house systems, the platform is a cost-efficient and minimally disruptive addition to a provider's technology portfolio.