Announcing The Launch Of The EcoSoft Health Patient Relationship Management Platform

Gorilla Toolz Creates Subsidiary To Focus on Patient Relationship Management

WANTAGH, NY, November 10, 2015 – Gorilla Toolz Inc., announces the creation of EcoSoft Health, a subsidiary specifically established to focus on patient relationship management. EcoSoft 4.0, the proven collaboration software platform developed by Gorilla Toolz, has been adapted and enhanced to serve the needs of healthcare providers as they seek to develop patient engagement strategies in a variety of use cases and care settings. Designed to support the complex needs of collaborative ecosystems, EcoSoft Health is capable of servicing providers of all sizes, is fully functional and is being successfully used in the field.

Still in its early stages, the patient engagement market is growing at a rapid rate. It is expected to reach $13 billion annually by 2019. Market growth is accelerating due to a number of factors including Affordable Care Act requirements. Failure to meet mandated quality standards can result in large penalties to providers. Healthcare providers therefore need cost-effective technology solutions to engage, educate and monitor patients.

"We were introduced to patient engagement less than a year ago," says Jay Fruin, Founder and CEO of Gorilla Toolz Inc. and EcoSoft Health. "A healthcare customer explained their needs to us and we quickly launched a Patient Acquisition solution for them. That success piqued our interest in the space and we went to work researching various patient engagement use cases. We established a Healthcare Advisory Board to guide our development and began enhancing our platform to deliver a number of patient engagement solutions along the care spectrum. The result is a sophisticated software platform targeted at health care providers who wish to improve their patient satisfaction, reduce re-admissions and improve patient communications."

"It's a really exciting time for the EcoSoft Health team,” says Dr. Paul Bergeron. "I've had the pleasure of working with them on their Advisory Board since May and have been impressed with the capabilities they have been able to quickly deliver. The software is configurable and able to adapt to a wide spectrum of provider needs. Healthcare providers of all sizes can benefit from EcoSoft Health's Patient Engagement solution. It gives them the tools to achieve 'Triple Aim' goals - lower costs, better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.”

EcoSoft Health will begin marketing its patient engagement solutions to healthcare providers immediately. The software is delivered as a HIPAA-compliant cloud solution, not requiring on-premise implementation. Deployment of the solution typically occurs in 30 to 90 days depending on the specific configuration needs of the provider.

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About EcoSoft Health

EcoSoft Health offers a unique software platform that gives healthcare providers the flexibility to deploy customized patient engagement strategies in a variety of care settings. EcoSoft Health can readily deliver solutions for multi-channel marketing campaigns, population health education, care status monitoring and patient satisfaction surveys. Designed to integrate with in-house systems, the platform is a cost-efficient and minimally disruptive addition to a provider's technology portfolio.