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Winning A New Patient

Your patient is a customer. How can you win more customers? Treating patients as valued customers is by far the best way to increase patient satisfaction. The analogy of patient as customer highlights the benefit of continual engagement. Businesses have for years been implementing systematic, timely and on-going contact with customers as a means of…
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Has Consumerism Arrived in HealthCare?

Of course it has. In every way - from patient experience expectations to value-based pricing. VBP will take time to implement but you can start improving patient experiences right now. Consumer-patients EXPECT you to interact with them digitally - just like every other business they deal with. We’re past the era of questioning seniors’ use…
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Managing Patient Referrals

Consumers may find you on the internet or they may call you. Do you have the technology in place to manage their inquiries and refer them to the appropriate individuals in your service delivery organization? Consumerism has made its way to healthcare and consequently consumer/patients have high service expectations for healthcare service organizations. Those expectations…
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Patient Acquisition for High Value Services

Patient Acquisition for High Value Services Are you looking to acquire more patients - especially those interested in high-value procedures? Experts estimate the lifetime value of a patient to a hospital system at somewhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000. The value depends on the patient's age, health and financial status - but even the low end…
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Healthcare Technology for The Home Care Setting

Healthcare Technology for The Home Care Setting Extending your reach into the home care setting is being driven by a number of trends, not the least of which is valued-based payments. In an effort to provide low-cost and high-quality care, healthcare providers are increasingly delivering some type of at-home treatment. This often includes engaging patients…
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Financial Benefits of Active Patient Engagement WHITE PAPER

Financial Benefits of Active Patient Engagement So we did the research and analysis to write it ourselves. Then we developed a Financial Modeling Tool to assist customers in building their business case for Active Patient Engagement. Prior to investing in any new strategy it is common practice to evaluate the potential benefit gained from that…
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Reducing readmission rates.

Effective care transition procedures can improve a patient's understanding of their discharge instructions and in-turn help reduce readmission rates. "In a large integrated delivery system in Colorado, the Care Transitions Intervention reduced 30-day hospital readmissions by 30 percent, reduced 180-day hospital readmissions by 17 percent, and cut average costs per patient by nearly 20 percent.…
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How are you defining Patient Engagement?

Earlier this year it was reported that “HIMSS published a leadership survey revealing that 72 percent of respondents identified consumer and patient considerations, such as engagement, satisfaction and quality of care, as the business issue most impacting their organizations over the next two years.” (Michelle Ronan Noteboom, May 1, 2015, Healthcare IT News).

Despite being a high priority for most providers, the definition of patient engagement is still quite subjective. Some solutions identify patient access to a portal to view medical records and wellness information as engagement. Clearly that is better than nothing, but it’s a passive approach, and it’s not enough.

Regular patient outreach using email communications, surveys, assessments and wellness reminders are active strategies to achieve “top-of-mind” with patients. Patients benefit most when communications are care- and condition-specific. These forms of communication make them feel more engaged with you and more trusting of your commitment to their wellness.