Active Patient Engagement Return on Investment (ROI)


Patient engagement is a strategy that has a direct impact on all three legs of the “Triple Aim” transformation. Patient engagement informs patients about their condition and how to manage it, allowing them to improve their health and reduce their healthcare costs. As a result, their care experience is improved. Active patient engagement is even more effective since it is a two-way engagement strategy. Asking patients to give their opinions, report their current condition status or reaction to their treatment goes even further in making them feel more engaged with you and more trusting of your commitment to their wellness.

Prior to investing in any new strategy it is common practice to evaluate the potential benefit gained from that investment. One method of evaluation of pros and cons of alternative solutions is return on investment (ROI). ROI is a profitability ratio used to determine the efficiency of any investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of investments. This method attempts to quantify financial benefits and costs.

Other considerations than financial apply in a medical setting, such as which produces better health outcomes or promotes staff retention. Financial factors can be considered a proxy for other less quantifiable ones such as quality of medical outcome, however: reduced spending on hospital visits could indicate improved population health, for example. ROI also has the virtue of being a well-recognized method of evaluation.

This paper discusses factors for determining the ROI for a solution that promotes active patient engagement. It is intended to provide the framework for an evaluation of a specific solution, or for evaluations of several solutions being considered as alternatives.

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Patient Engagement Return on Investment