Lost Patient Referrals = Delayed Care Delivery, Dissatisfied Patients and Lost Revenue

Improved care delivery includes full life cycle referral management. Our solution manages physician-to-physician, inter-departmental, outside agency, website and inbound caller referrals. It addresses the issues of timely patient referrals and follow-up, which are especially challenging in large complex delivery systems.

It provides a systematic process to route and track referrals:

  • Referrals entered in the system create automated notifications
  • Referrals are routed by your workflow rules to specific providers and/or schedulers
  • Referral information is immediately available to providers through the access-controlled web-based portal
  • Referral records seen by the practice scheduler include any pre-screening information (desired appointment day/time, payer details and MR number)
  • Practice schedulers view and update only their own referrals

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