Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

My team wanted to tackle the biggest challenge facing the success of clinical trials - patient recruitment.

I was surprised to learn how much patient recruitment costs. As much as 40% of the total budget for pharmaceutical trials goes toward recruitment. Beyond cost, we found that recruitment is a major cause of trial failure: as many as 85% of clinical trials fail to retain sufficient patients. It is clear that the lack of software solutions for clinical trial recruitment is a very significant factor driving cost. And it is a leading cause recruiting failure (50% of research sites obtain at most a single patient in their studies). Our team looked at requirements for software to support clinical trial recruitment.

After a bit of discovery, and with our patient relationship management platform as a base, we developed a solution to assist sponsors and CROs recruit patients faster and more efficiently. Our cloud-based software is HIPAA- and ePHI-compliant and is deployed and branded to the sponsor or CRO’s needs. Combining our patient marketing and our assessment technology, our solution helps extend recruitment reach across traditional and non-traditional outlets and use automation to systematically screen candidates.

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