Has Consumerism Arrived in HealthCare?

Of course it has. In every way - from patient experience expectations to value-based pricing. VBP will take time to implement but you can start improving patient experiences right now.

Consumer-patients EXPECT you to interact with them digitally - just like every other business they deal with. We’re past the era of questioning seniors’ use of email and access to technology. Statistics show that email use is high across all age and social demographics.

So the question isn't "Should we use digital communication with patients". It's "Why aren't we using it more?".

A high level of patient engagement is critical but rising labor costs and shortages may limit the amount of personal attention you can provide.. Our Digital Care Pathways™ can allow you to cost-effectively meet your consumer-patients’ expectations of greater patient engagement.

Our flexible patient engagement platform consolidates all your patient engagement pathways. Before, during and after care.

The heart of our Digital Care Pathway™ technology is a workflow engine specifically designed for patient engagement. It handles communications, monitoring, evaluating and directing activities within your patient population. It can screen and assess patients using your protocols. It can route referrals within your ecosystem. It can detect complications, alert care team members and provide critical information to all care ecosystem participants. It extends even into the home care setting.

The EcoSoft Health team applied our experience in the world of Customer Relationship Management and customer engagement to healthcare. Our expertise in helping companies improve customer workflows drove our design of technology to help healthcare providers automate a variety of patient-centric use cases. From our Patient Acquisition module to our Transition of Care module, our technology helps providers increase revenues and insure the highest level of service to their patients.

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