With Greater Access To Data Your Chances For Patient Recruitment Success Jump

Data analysis empowers decision-making.

But you need to have data in order to analyze it. That's exactly what we do each time a patient is screened: We capture all data, present it in a way that is actionable and retain it.

Powerful analytics are key to the success of any business. In the context of patient recruitment, fast access to quality information about the screening and recruiting process is critical. Study teams can identify screening factors that may be causing recruitment process delay or failure by drilling down to specific screening questions and disqualified candidates. Equipped with this information, unexpectedly high failure rates on specific screen criteria can easily be identified for action.

Click here to see a sample dashboard 

Here’s an additional advantage to our retaining all data: if a follow-on trial is activated, your recruitment team can leverage the candidate pool to efficiently speed ramp-up. Recruiters and call center teams administer follow-on questions to previously screened candidates deemed appropriate to the new trial.

The EcoSoft Health Patient Recruitment module uses our patient relationship management platform as a base to deliver a solution that assists sponsors and CROs to recruit patients faster and more efficiently. Our cloud-based software is deployed and branded to the needs of the sponsor or CRO. Combining our patient marketing and our assessment technologies, our solution can help you extend recruitment reach across traditional and non-traditional outlets and use automation for systematic candidate screening

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