Is Your Hospital System Experiencing Competition?

You may have heard the expression "Your competitor is just a click away". That phrase generally relates to a consumer internet purchase, but patients are definitely shopping around more for their healthcare needs.

Transitioning to a competitive environment isn’t easy. Competition isn't just about cost. Consumers often weigh other factors more heavily. In healthcare, successful outcomes will always be most important, but "soft factors" like patient satisfaction, patient engagement and easy, efficient communications are also important differentiators. Patients increasingly will make decisions about where to go for medical services based on these factors.

An important part of your competitive strategy should be handling patient acquisition and engagement. Making it easy for patients to engage with you and connect with the right individuals in your organization is critical. Insuring that patient inquiries are properly routed and receive timely, appropriate follow up will increase patient satisfaction and improve utilization rates within your system. Technology that helps systematically manage patient engagement will help you compete more effectively.

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