Managing Patient Referrals

Consumers may find you on the internet or they may call you. Do you have the technology in place to manage their inquiries and refer them to the appropriate individuals in your service delivery organization?

Consumerism has made its way to healthcare and consequently consumer/patients have high service expectations for healthcare service organizations. Those expectations begin the moment they reach out to a provider. Given the potential lifetime value of a patient, there is a high cost for mishandling a new patient relationship.

Our solution offers a systematic process to refer and track follow-up, whether from an on-line inquiry or in-bound phone call, to ensure meeting the patient's response expectation. We:

  • Manage, refer and track inbound callers, website inquiries, physician and outside agency referrals
  • Serves as a CRM for call center staff
  • Automatically refer consumer/patients to an appropriate practice within a multi-location service delivery ecosystem (hospitals, clinics, specialists, sites of care)
  • Manages new patient on-boarding, in-take and screening workflows
  • Manage outbound multi-channel digital marketing nurture campaigns
  • Monitor and analyze performance across the service delivery organization

EcoSoft Health offers a unique proprietary Patient Relationship Management software platform that gives healthcare providers the flexibility to deploy customized patient engagement strategies in a variety of care settings. The platform can readily adapt to use cases ranging from marketing to screening, on-boarding and patient surveys. Designed to stand alone or integrate with in-house systems, the platform is a cost-efficient and minimally disruptive addition to a provider's technology portfolio.

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