Patient Engagement Report From Gartner – EcoSoft Health

EcoSoft Health prominently identified in latest Gartner Report on the importance of a Patient Engagement Strategy

Last week Dr. Richard Gibson, Research Director in the Healthcare Provider analyst group of Gartner, released a report to assist healthcare providers to select Patient Engagement solutions. In the report, Leading HDOs Focus on 12 Categories of Patient Engagement Technology, Dr. Gibson writes "Value-based payment is pressuring HDO CIOs to use patient engagement tools, but making the right choice among myriad options is daunting. We categorize patient engagement technologies to help CIOs navigate the marketplace and identify the proper tools for their clinical and business strategies."

We are honored that our patient acquisition technology is included in the Voice of the Customer, Data-Driven Marketing, and Campaign Management sections of this report. Our powerful tool can help you increase the number of patients you serve, consistent with your service delivery growth strategy. The workflows of our Digital Care Pathways™ enable you to meet your consumer-patients’ expectations of patient engagement at a manageable cost. Digital pathways allow patients to reach out to you and you to reach out to them. This solution enhances your relationship with your patients and builds trust that improves performance scores. It helps you retain your existing patients and attract new ones as well, all resulting in increased revenue.

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