Some Patient Referrals Fall Through The Cracks – So Get Rid Of The Cracks

Misplacing, delaying, or misrouting a referral hurts all parties, but none more than patients. It frustrates them and makes them dissatisfied with their healthcare providers. A delay in access to care could even impact their health.

Mishandling referrals impacts provider revenue as well.

The Referral Care Transition

Our systematic approach to referral management insures that delays are minimized and all referrals are tracked and actively managed throughout their life cycle.

A key piece of our Referral Management solution is seamless sharing of referral information with appropriate providers. By providing quick access to critical patient referral information, we accelerate pre-screening and scheduling. Automated notifications further keep the process on track to assure timely handling of each referral.

Our full life cycle Referral Management solution manages physician-to-physician, inter-departmental, outside agency, website and inbound caller referrals. It addresses the issues of timely patient referrals and follow-up, which are especially challenging in large complex delivery systems.

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