Reducing readmission rates.

Effective care transition procedures can improve a patient's understanding of their discharge instructions and in-turn help reduce readmission rates.

"In a large integrated delivery system in Colorado, the Care Transitions Intervention reduced 30-day hospital readmissions by 30 percent, reduced 180-day hospital readmissions by 17 percent, and cut average costs per patient by nearly 20 percent. The intervention has been adopted by more than 700 organizations nationwide.

"Poorly managed care transitions can diminish health and increase costs. Researchers have estimated that inadequate care coordination, including inadequate management of care transitions, was responsible for $25 to $45 billion in wasteful spending in 2011 through avoidable complications and unnecessary hospital readmissions." (Health Policy Brief: Care Transitions," (Health Affairs, September 13, 2012)

Our technology is designed for flexibility, scale and cost efficiency. The idea is not to displace personal contact with patients but rather to enhance it, as a tool to allow practitioners to focus post-care efforts on at-risk patients. Our Digital Care Pathways™ can deliver and confirm understanding of discharge instructions, use of medications and current health status.

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