Systematic Referral Management Starts With A System

Would you like systematic assurance that you will never misplace a referral? Would you like to accelerate patient access to care and at the same time generate more revenue? Our Referral Management solution can help.

How It Works

Our full life cycle Referral Management solution manages physician-to-physician, inter-departmental, outside agency, website and inbound caller referrals. It addresses the issues of timely patient referrals and follow-up, which are especially challenging in large complex delivery systems.

Quick Patient Referral Entry

New referrals can be imported from website, CRM and marketing automation platforms. Integration with the healthcare system EMR can support displaying appropriate patient information along with the patient referral request details and pre-screen information to aid routing and scheduling.

Enter Referrals at the Physician Source or from Call-Ins

Entering patient referral information is quick and easy for both new and existing patients. This entry method can be used by referring practices, call center personnel and other authorized users in your delivery ecosystem. Patient referral processing notifies appropriate parties. Collected referral information is immediately available in the system.

Track Referral Details

EcoSoft Health tracks each referral through the entire referral life cycle, from the request through to conversion to a practice patient or completion of service by the specialist. Comprehensive data captured in EcoSoft Health can be integrated with other systems to support seamless information flow-through.

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