What is Active Patient Engagement?

Active patient engagement is very different from passive engagement. Active engagement systematically reaches out to patients, continually engaging them in their care or chronic condition. A passive engagement strategy requires action by the patient, for example to login to a patient portal.

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic demonstrated significant benefits to active patient engagement. In the study they identified three characteristics of active patient engagement that increase patient response.(Source: Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, Cardiovascular Roundtable, 2013)

  • Education based on individual recovery progress, quiz scores
  • Clinicians monitor progress, intervene as needed


  • ​Pushes content or tasks to patient based on stage of care plan, specific events of the day


  • ​Accommodates the needs of the elderly, those with limited technology experience
  • Content delivered in various forms including video and audio

In designing EcoSoft Health we knew active engagement was the key to engaging the largest number of patients across the care continuum. We cover each point the Mayo Clinic identified for success in their cardiovascular pilot program and we can create care pathways for all care needs. Our solutions engage and quiz patients, and they also advise clinicians to intervene as needed.

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