Financial Benefits of Active Patient Engagement WHITE PAPER

Financial Benefits of Active Patient Engagement

So we did the research and analysis to write it ourselves. Then we developed a Financial Modeling Tool to assist customers in building their business case for Active Patient Engagement.

Prior to investing in any new strategy it is common practice to evaluate the potential benefit gained from that investment. One method of evaluation of the pros and cons of of a solution is return on investment (ROI). Important considerations other than financial apply in a medical setting, such as will it produce better health outcomes or promote staff retention but financial factors can be considered a proxy for other less quantifiable ones.

This paper discusses factors for determining the ROI for a solution that promotes active patient engagement. It is intended to provide the framework for an evaluation of a specific solution being considered.

The EcoSoft Health solution provides the tools to engage and interact with patients in a systematic and consistent manner across all care settings. Data is automatically organized into dashboards accessible by delivery system users. Recovery complication alerts are delivered to care team members when and where appropriate.

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