Winning A New Patient

Your patient is a customer. How can you win more customers?

Treating patients as valued customers is by far the best way to increase patient satisfaction. The analogy of patient as customer highlights the benefit of continual engagement. Businesses have for years been implementing systematic, timely and on-going contact with customers as a means of improving satisfaction levels to gain and retain customers.

The patient engagement process begins the moment that a prospective new patient first contacts the healthcare delivery organization and continues even during periods of inactivity. Implementing a consistent and standardized patient engagement strategy throughout the HDO is no small challenge. Leveraging technology to routinely follow-up, engage and communicate with patients is a cost-effective way to improve patient satisfaction and ultimately drive up utilization rates. A technology solution specifically designed to engage with patients is critical to gain the benefits of improved workflow, increased patient satisfaction and higher revenue. EcoSoft Health is tailored to meet these requirements and many more.

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