Patient Experience Management

Cost-Effectively Expand Your Patient Experience Management Strategy

Automatically Deliver Specialty and Care Specific Surveys to Patients in the Language They Speak

Our platform gives you real-time tools to identify factors that impact a patient’s view of the care that was delivered by your system. Dashboards enable you to quickly analyze results and pinpoint issues by site of care, specialty and provider.

EcoSoft Health offers powerful HIPAA-compliant patient survey tools with automated electronic delivery of both standard and custom patient satisfaction surveys and assessments in the language spoken by the patient. The EcoSoft Health survey module equips you with a cost-effective tool to assist in identifying quality of care improvements that lead to improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Our patient survey software utilizes automated email and personalized PIN-protected web pages. Or they can be administered in conjunction with a traditional call center, or on-site at a care location using tablet devices. Survey responses are recorded individually by patient. Captured survey data are readily available for dashboard analysis by appropriate members of your provider ecosystem. All results are downloadable for off-line analysis and compliance reporting. Results are immediately available to help identify strengths and weaknesses and to target areas for improvement.

With EcoSoft Health™ you get:

  • Quick Setup: Branded, configured and ready for use within 14 days.
  • Independent operation or Integration with internal systems: Our survey system can be activated by events in your internal systems or through a manual activation screen for a patient.
  • Multiple delivery mechanisms: Deliver most cost-effectively via automated patient email and personalized PIN-protected web pages; or on-site using tablets, or by traditional call center
  • Patient response database: Survey data are readily available for dashboard analysis by members of provider ecosystem. Results are downloadable for off-line analysis and compliance reporting.
  • Controlled access throughout your provider ecosystem: Web-browser access to approved users in your ecosystem.

Deliver a Single Survey or Combine in Continuing Workflows

The delivery mechanism can consist of a single email with click-through to the PIN-protected survey page. But using workflows you can deliver the same survey at intervals, delivery surveys following and/or followed by delivery of appropriate content, or, based on the results of an earlier survey, deliver a different survey to probe in more depth. With flexible control you determine how and when your patients are asked to complete a survey.

Survey to Determine Levels of Patient Satisfaction, Outcomes, …

A common use for this software is to determine basic patient satisfaction. You can also use this automated tool for survey delivery and results capture as part of your program to meet CMS reporting mandates. Another common use is post discharge from specific procedure or condition. The EcoSoft Health patient survey sftware allows you to cost-effectively become more knowledgeable about your patient population.

Track Results by Individual Patient or Other Criteria

Use survey results to improve care provided by individual providers, sites of care, medical groups and entire provider networks. A variety of dashboards and reports are provided for surveys. All results can be reviewed in aggregate for population health analysis. Dashboards include filters to allow focus on individual areas within your organization to help identify strengths and weaknesses and to target areas for improvement, as well as to narrow-focus to a single patient for trend analysis. Powerful dashboards help you make cost-effective improvements to patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Select From Our Library of Standard Surveys or Develop Your Own

Standard surveys available in the solution include general patient satisfaction surveys as well as surveys and assessments specific to a procedure or condition.

Partial list of pre-configured surveys

CAHPS Surveys

  • Healthcare Provider 12-Month Survey
  • PCMH 12-Month Survey
  • Surgical Care Survey
  • Office Care Visit Survey
  • Nursing Home Discharged Resident Survey
  • Nursing Home Family Member Survey

Experience of Care and Health Outcomes (ECHO) Surveys

  • Managed Care Organization (MCO) version of the survey (for adults and children)
  • Managed Behavioral Health Care Organization (MBHO) version of the survey (for adults and children)
  • Hospital CAHPS (H-CAHPS)
  • American Pain Society Patient Outcome Questionnaire

HCAHPS Patient Surveys

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