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Misplacing, delaying, or misrouting a referral hurts all parties, but none more than patients. It frustrates them and makes them dissatisfied with their healthcare providers. A delay in access to care could even impact their health. Mishandling referrals impacts provider revenue as well. The Referral Care Transition Our systematic approach to referral management insures that delays are minimized and all referrals are tracked and actively managed throughout their life cycle. A key piece of our Referral Management solution is seamless sharing of referral information with appropriate providers. By providing quick access to critical patient referral information, we accelerate pre-screening and scheduling. AutomatedRead More
Improved care delivery includes full life cycle referral management. Our solution manages physician-to-physician, inter-departmental, outside agency, website and inbound caller referrals. It addresses the issues of timely patient referrals and follow-up, which are especially challenging in large complex delivery systems. It provides a systematic process to route and track referrals: Referrals entered in the system create automated notifications Referrals are routed by your workflow rules to specific providers and/or schedulers Referral information is immediately available to providers through the access-controlled web-based portal Referral records seen by the practice scheduler include any pre-screening information (desired appointment day/time, payer details and MR number) PracticeRead More
Would you like systematic assurance that you will never misplace a referral? Would you like to accelerate patient access to care and at the same time generate more revenue? Our Referral Management solution can help. How It Works Our full life cycle Referral Management solution manages physician-to-physician, inter-departmental, outside agency, website and inbound caller referrals. It addresses the issues of timely patient referrals and follow-up, which are especially challenging in large complex delivery systems. Quick Patient Referral Entry New referrals can be imported from website, CRM and marketing automation platforms. Integration with the healthcare system EMR can support displaying appropriate patientRead More
Data analysis empowers decision-making. But you need to have data in order to analyze it. That's exactly what we do each time a patient is screened: We capture all data, present it in a way that is actionable and retain it. Powerful analytics are key to the success of any business. In the context of patient recruitment, fast access to quality information about the screening and recruiting process is critical. Study teams can identify screening factors that may be causing recruitment process delay or failure by drilling down to specific screening questions and disqualified candidates. Equipped with this information, unexpectedlyRead More
Our software addresses a number of patient recruitment, screening and retention use cases, including the creation of a global pool of pre-qualified patients interested in participating in clinical trials. In speaking with many CROs and sponsor companies we have come to realize the tremendous advantage this capability can bring to your organization. With our technology you can syndicate web-based patient information forms. Collect contact information and patient indications. Once in the database, patient info is searchable by location and indication. When you begin recruiting for a specific trial you can start your recruitment process by drawing from the pre-qualified pool.Read More

Digital Patient Engagement

Developing a digital relationship with patients can raise satisfaction levels, increase revenue and improve outcomes. A high level of patient engagement is critical to improving the health and level of satisfaction of your patients. Your consumer/patients expect that engagement but rising labor costs and shortages may limit the amount of personal attention your staff can provide. Technology that can provide automated patient engagement throughout the care continuum is essential to achieving a high level of patient engagement without unsustainable staff costs. Our flexible patient engagement platform consolidates all of your patient engagement pathways. Before, during and after care. Digital patientRead More
My team wanted to tackle the biggest challenge facing the success of clinical trials - patient recruitment. I was surprised to learn how much patient recruitment costs. As much as 40% of the total budget for pharmaceutical trials goes toward recruitment. Beyond cost, we found that recruitment is a major cause of trial failure: as many as 85% of clinical trials fail to retain sufficient patients. It is clear that the lack of software solutions for clinical trial recruitment is a very significant factor driving cost. And it is a leading cause recruiting failure (50% of research sites obtain atRead More
You may have heard the expression "Your competitor is just a click away". That phrase generally relates to a consumer internet purchase, but patients are definitely shopping around more for their healthcare needs. Transitioning to a competitive environment isn’t easy. Competition isn't just about cost. Consumers often weigh other factors more heavily. In healthcare, successful outcomes will always be most important, but "soft factors" like patient satisfaction, patient engagement and easy, efficient communications are also important differentiators. Patients increasingly will make decisions about where to go for medical services based on these factors. An important part of your competitive strategyRead More
The answer will surprise you - it's very large. Like you, I have seen estimated lifetime values of $1 million or more; but I wanted to develop my own fact-based number. According to CMS (in the 2014 National Health Expenditure Data Fact Sheet), the average patient’s hospital expenditure was $3,047 that year. Considering that average patient’s current age and expected life-span, as well as what marketers call the "circle of influence" (that is, the number of others that patient may influence), that puts the lifetime value of a new patient at more than $600,000. Statistics can be deceiving but theRead More
EcoSoft Health prominently identified in latest Gartner Report on the importance of a Patient Engagement Strategy Last week Dr. Richard Gibson, Research Director in the Healthcare Provider analyst group of Gartner, released a report to assist healthcare providers to select Patient Engagement solutions. In the report, Leading HDOs Focus on 12 Categories of Patient Engagement Technology, Dr. Gibson writes "Value-based payment is pressuring HDO CIOs to use patient engagement tools, but making the right choice among myriad options is daunting. We categorize patient engagement technologies to help CIOs navigate the marketplace and identify the proper tools for their clinical andRead More
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