Patient Survey Tool – Standard and Custom Surveys

Cost-Effectively Expand Your Patient Engagement

Electronic delivery and capture of standard and custom surveys

EcoSoft Health offers powerful patient survey tools delivering both standard and custom patient surveys encompassing a full range of patient feedback initiatives. You get access to real-time survey results helping you to improve care provided by individual providers, sites of care, medical groups and your entire provider network. You can also use this automated tool for survey delivery and results capture to assist with CMS reporting. The EcoSoft Health survey tools equip you with evidence-based patient feedback enabling you to pro-actively implement improvements to patient outreach and satisfaction.

Our solution is used to survey patients via automated email and personalized PIN-protected web pages. Or they can be administered in conjunction with a traditional call center, or on-site at a care location using tablet devices. Survey responses are recorded individually by patient. Captured survey data are readily available for dashboard analysis by appropriate members of your provider ecosystem. All results are downloadable for off-line analysis and compliance reporting. Results are immediately available to help identify strengths and weaknesses and to target areas for improvement

Partial list of pre-configured surveys

CAHPS Surveys

  • Healthcare Provider 12-Month Survey
  • PCMH 12-Month Survey
  • Surgical Care Survey
  • Office Care Visit Survey
  • Nursing Home Discharged Resident Survey
  • Nursing Home Family Member Survey

Experience of Care and Health Outcomes (ECHO) Surveys

  • Managed Care Organization (MCO) version of the survey (for adults and children)
  • Managed Behavioral Health Care Organization (MBHO) version of the survey (for adults and children)
  • Hospital CAHPS (H-CAHPS)
  • American Pain Society Patient Outcome Questionnaire

Designed to deliver any type of patient survey

We understand that each healthcare provider's needs are different. With that in mind, we designed the survey tool to be readily configurable, capable of delivering the best surveys for your needs. In addition to our standardized surveys, we can easily implement your own emergency, outpatient, or rehabilitation surveys with the same dashboards, analytics and reporting capabilities.

One-time or incorporated in a Digital Care Pathway®

Surveys can be delivered as one-time events or more systematically added to one of our Digital Care Pathways. Either way, response data is captured and immediately available for analysis and reporting across your provider ecosystem. When a survey is part of a Digital Care Pathway, it can be automatically initiated via integration with your EMR/EHR.

HCAHPS Patient Surveys

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