Referral Management For Provider Networks

Complete referral management solution for healthcare service providers. Manages physician, outside agency, website and inbound caller referrals.

Increase patient satisfaction and revenue by improving your handling of all prospective new patients. The Referral Management application is powerful HIPAA-compliant software combining consumer/patient lead management with multi-location referral management and tracking. The application consolidates and tracks all referrals from any source.

With the Referral Management solution you:

  • Automatically refer consumer-patient “leads” to an appropriate practice within your multi-location provider ecosystem (hospitals, clinics, specialists, sites of care)
  • Manage, refer and track inbound callers, website inquiries, physician and outside agency referrals
  • Manage all consumer/patient contact within EcoSoft Health’s proprietary platform
  • Nurture consumer-patient relationships on-line
  • Monitor and analyze performance
  • Create and activate outbound multi-channel digital marketing nurture campaigns
  • Optionally integrated with eTrigue, Marketo, and Saleslogix


  • Quick set-up time
  • Web-based - no integration required
  • Accessible throughout your service delivery ecosystem. You can even grant access to outside agencies.
Patient Marketing Acquisition and Referral Management

Manage call-in and website inquiries for care, conditions and procedures

Another challenge in implementing consumer/patient marketing is effectively dealing with a prospective patient's response to your marketing campaigns. A consumer's expression of interest in your care options may require you to refer them to an appropriate practice member or location for follow-up. In addition to marketing automation, EcoSoft Health functions as a CRM database for managing and tracking patient referrals to individual providers, sites of care or medical groups in your provider network. Consumer/patient lead referral follow-up activity is tracked through the entire sales cycle, even integrated with your EMR/EHR system. Notes are added to the referral record of the consumer/patient, tracking all contacts to form a complete, easily accessible history of communications.

Quick Patient Referral Entry

New patient referral information is quickly and easily collected though our access-controlled web-based data entry portal. This entry method can be used by call center personnel, practice administrators and other authorized personnel in your delivery ecosystem. Patient referral processing notifies appropriate parties. Collected referral information is immediately available in the system.

Easy Referral Web Form Setup

Set your digital marketing strategy by configuring for both in-bound search and outbound email campaigns with website landing pages. You have the flexibility of using both strategies to develop your market reach plan. When a prospective consumer-patient requests specific information through a landing page visit, your workflow rules refer the inquiry to the appropriate provider within your ecosystem.

Manage Consumer-Patient Leads/Referrals

EcoSoft Health ™ routes consumer-patient leads for follow-up to practice locations in your provider ecosystem using your workflow rules. Your marketing team and appropriate administrators track referrals as they progress, monitoring referral progress and viewing referral details. Your workflow rules can automatically escalate referral follow-up based on time since last action. Administrators at practice locations access, view and update only their own referrals.

Track Referral Details

EcoSoft Health™ tracks each consumer-patient lead referral from beginning through to conversion to a practice patient. Comprehensive data captured in EcoSoft Health™ can be integrated with other systems to support seamless flow-through of information.

Track Performance

The system captures and stores performance data throughout the referral life cycle by location, practice and campaign. Metrics for pipeline and ROI are automatically calculated providing valuable real-time business intelligence. Performance dashboards are available for both the marketer and the practice administrator.

Outbound Patient Marketing

Integrated with the leading outbound digital marketing platforms

EcoSoft Health™ applies the power of digital marketing to the healthcare industry through integration with the top lead automation platforms. Build simple one-time outbound email campaigns and landing pages or sophisticated multi-stage nurturing programs. Track email views, visits to web pages, and form fills. Automatically refer prospect requests for specific information, an appointment or follow-up to the appropriate specialists or practices in your provider ecosystem.

Product Walk-through Using Marketo

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